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08 March 2010 @ 02:51 am
title: untitled
rating: pg
class: independent study
summary: hateful anti-religious blather about ronnie's funeral and homo love.

you and me and the devil makes three don't need no other lover babyCollapse )
11 January 2010 @ 09:52 pm
title: a boat and two girls
rating: g? idk.
class: independent study
summary: personal narrative written for huffles and i's first anniversary.

I focus on what they’re doing rather than the smoke entering my lungs and clinging to the tissue inside and think of something to say.Collapse )
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07 January 2010 @ 01:28 pm

title: n/a
class: independent study
rating: pg
summary: did 10 sections with room for two lines on each by Word measurements.
notes: narrator is androngynous



*zooms to next class*Collapse )
05 January 2010 @ 09:35 pm
title: amy, with a heart
class: independent study
rating: pg
summary: finished!

i kind of really like the officeCollapse )
12 December 2009 @ 10:11 pm

Board Up The House
qeepii zombie arc fst

lyrics + dl linkCollapse )

this mix was so much fun to make. in a few cases, i aimed more about mood than lyrics but i think it all comes together pretty well! i put the zombie stuff at the end because i think it disrupted the rest of the mix. ENJOY.
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03 May 2009 @ 09:39 pm

Blue October : Approaching Normal

1) "Weight of the World" - 4:05
2) "Say It" - 3:38
3) "Dirt Room" - 3:25
4) "Been Down" - 4:19
5) "My Never" - 3:47
6) "Should Be Loved" - 4:02
7) "Kangaroo Cry" - 4:53
8) "Picking Up Pieces" - 4:22
9) "Jump Rope" - 3:22
10) "Blue Skies" - 3:44
11) "Blue Does" - 3:27
12) "The End" (on explicit version only) - 5:00

Download here
20 February 2009 @ 12:03 pm

Title: You're My Favorite Thing About the West Coast
Class: Expository Writing
Prompt: Five Paragraph Essay - Favorite Person or Place. i obviously wrote about ashton ahurhur.


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13 January 2009 @ 03:44 pm
Class: Expository Writing
Assignment: Informative Essay. Topic of choice; zombies.
Date Written: January 13th, 2009

Title: You've Got Red on You
Rating: PG
Summary: By the end of it, exactly 59 minutes after we had started, I basked in the triumphant music that played while our statistics were displayed and slowly looked over to my father before asking quietly if we could play again.

i am so proud of this essay i can't even beginCollapse )
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18 December 2008 @ 03:03 pm

Class: Creative Writing
Assignment: Character Sketches. Challenge!; use all four characters.
Date Written: December 10th, 2008

Title: Challenge! (lmao i'm original)
Rating: PG
Summary: "Fine, I assume you wish for realism." He hastily grabbed a chess piece and knocked another off of the board. Consider that wish granted."

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18 December 2008 @ 10:53 am

Class: Expository Writing
Assignment: Personal Narrative; the day Bryan and I made dinner for my parents and cup pies.
Date Written: December 8th, 2008

Title: Without Restraint
Rating: G
Summary: At your own foolishness and the romantic default of your mind, you laugh without restraint because you’ve never known another way. 

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