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Class: Creative Writing
Assignment: Character Sketches. Challenge!; use all four characters.
Date Written: December 10th, 2008

Title: Challenge! (lmao i'm original)
Rating: PG
Summary: "Fine, I assume you wish for realism." He hastily grabbed a chess piece and knocked another off of the board. Consider that wish granted."

Lelouch vi Britannia, the male embodiment of Fate, sat in his chambers, his chin resting on his knuckles. His legs crossed and uncrossed for an unaccountable time that hour while his dark eyes studied a chess board. After some time, he smiled suddenly and moved a piece. His eyes narrowed in triumph and he waited for his experiment’s result.

Kasie Michlke’s hazel eyes fluttered open without warning and a moment later, her hand raised to rake back dark blonde hair .She blinked incredulously, running over the events of her dream. “Wow,” she muttered before making a face, grinning goofily, and exclaiming, “what a freak show!” She fell back and resumed sleeping immediately.

Lelouch frowned. “Hm.” The noise was not one that showed particular concern but rather, annoyance. “Fine, I assume you wish for realism.” He hastily grabbed a chess piece and knocked another off the board. “Consider that wish granted.”

In Kasie’s town later that day, Alex Huber was making lunch before the children she babysat were dropped off by their parents. Unbeknownst to the brunette, when heating up the soup, the flame did not ignite. Assuming it did, she went about her business. Slowly, invisible gas began to fill the room. After growing tired and savoring her last moments of relaxation, Alex, who was actually quite the rebel, pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket.

Needless to say, the parents were wise and found it unsafe to leave their children in a burning wreckage of debris and ruin, let alone in the care of someone who may no longer exist. Lelouch was displeased. He had expected the children to be present in the explosion. It must have been one of the other Fates working against him. Kasie showed no signs of negativity either. Obviously, the tests would have to hit closer to home.

Bryan Jones, Kasie’s older and much adored step-brother was outside setting up Christmas decorations with his wife, Tituba. He turned, pushing his slipping glasses higher up on the bridge of his nose and called for her. When given no response, he began to cautiously make his way down the roof. “Tituba?” He questioned slowly, fearing the worst immediately — a fear he was correct to have.

Peering over the edge, he saw his wife, festive lights wrapped tightly around her neck and her body hanging limp. Bryan swore then scrambled back and fell, knocking over a rooftop display in the process. It slowly began to slide down and Bryan, frozen in shock, was oblivious to the state his foot was in — trapped in the reigns of Santa’s sleigh — until he began to be dragged along as well. However, he was unable to free himself and soon fell to his own death from the second story.

Lelouch laughed, leaning back in his throne and setting his feet up on the edge of the board. Only once the statistics showed that yes, Kasie’s devastation had been achieved did he feel absolute satisfaction.

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